2013 MSQ

“The Madawaska Quartet demonstrated exceptional chops…. A remarkable performance.”

“The group launched an unflinching tear into the fiery start, providing collective resonance and a stunning wall of furious sound… all showcasing the ensemble’s broad and sensitive range…. (It) was heavenly.”

“Highly compelling…. The delight… spread like wildfire to everyone in the room.”- The Record, January 2011


For bookings & further information please email info@madawaskaquartet.com or contact Anna Redekop at (416) 892-6446 or Amber Ghent at (519) 722-8912.

If you’re looking for information on Composers’ Readings please email us.

Our CD, Prefab, is available at the following stores: The Sound Post and George M. Heinl & Co. Limited.